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Manufacturer Discontinued!!!!!!

 Alexandria Decorative Traverse Curtain Rod

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This is a beautiful high temper brass look 1 1/2 in. decorative traverse rod.

Features a durable bright brass mylar finish.

The is a traditional bright brass rod with uniquely designed finals. The rod is metal, the finals are resin (plastic with mylar finish).

This designer rod will look absolutely stunning is a traditional formal style living room or dining room.

What Are The Features of The Alexandria Decorative Traverse Rod Set?

  • Diameter of decorative traverse rod is 1 1/2in.

  • Finials, brackets, carriers and rings are included

  • Projects 3 1/2 in.-4 1/2in. from the wall to front of rod

  • Clearance 2 1/2in. -3 1/2in. rear of rod to wall

  • Cord is standard on the right

  • Split/two way draw traverse rod

    What Are The Benefits of this drapery rod

  • economically priced
  • comes as a complete set ready to install
  • hardware included
  • beautiful bright brass look
  • cord draw for ease of opening and closing