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1 1/8" Aria Hand Drawn Modern Decorative Curtain Rod Kit -6ft.-8ft.| Decorative Traverse Rods for Sliding Glass Doors

Aria H-Rail Single Drapery Rod Kit-Wall Mount

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Aria H-Rail Single Drapery Rod Kit-Wall Mount

The Aria Cordless Curtain Rod Kit

  • This modern curtain rod track is a great choice if you want to use a one way pull decorative rod. Great for sliding glass doors and French doors

  • Available in 6 ft and 8ft lengths.

  • End caps and installation brackets are included with the rod kit.

  • Brackets are free moving and do not obstruct the movement of the carriers

  • 4 Wall brackets and carrier/slides are included. The rod comes as a kit you will have to insert the carrier/slides . 32 slides with the 8 ft. rod and 24 carrier/slides with the 6ft rod.

  • The Aria modern curtain rod projects 3 1/2" from the wall

  • Available in 5 designer finishes

  • This is a custom drapery rod

  • All of the uniquely designed modern aria finial can be used with this rod .

  • Order Metal Batons in the finish of your rod .