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Traverse Rod Replacement Cord Kit
White Cord - cord lacing hook, guide, and instructions

Traverse Rod Cord Kit- Now Available White Only

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Traverse Rod Cord Kit- Now Available White Only

Free Shipping..Buy Good Quality Cord. Made in the USA.... Gold Cord discontinued

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  • It's easy to replace that worn cord on your traverse rod with this traverse rod cord replacement kit. After many years of use, and sometimes abuse, your traverse rod cord will wear out. Why continue to fight with that worn, torn cord?

  • This traverse rod replacement cord is excellent quality sturdy cord and knitted for less stretch and fiction. This traverse rod cord has a durable polyester casing with a waxed fiberglass inner core that will resists effects of ultraviolet rays of light.

  • The traverse rod cord has 123 lbs. of tensile strength. The white & gold cord is 1/8" thick).

  • The Kit includes: cord, metal cord lacing hook, cord guide to secure cord to the wall and instructions

  • Replacement cord for Traverse Rods available in 3 lengths_ 50ft, 70ft and 90ft Cord color white only

It's easy to replace your traverse rod cord, visit our how to section for instructions and a video on how to restring a traverse rod.