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Cordless Draw Traverse Rod -One Way and Two Way Pull- Hotel Style Commercial Track--Available in 8ft. only

Commercial Cordless Baton Draw Traverse Rod

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Commercial Cordless Baton Draw Traverse Rod

Cordless Draw Drapery Rod-Used in Hotels And Commercial Establishments

  • The is a high quality commercial track. This is the kind of drapery rod-track that is used in hotel rooms.

  • It is super easy to install. There is no cords for improved child safety.

  • The durable micro roller bearing carriers creates a extra super smooth movement of draperies. You have the option of one way, left or right pull or two way split draw pull.

  • If you have heavy draperies this draw traverse rod is a great option. Your draperies will glide across this rod

  • The baton is included with the rod . It is hidden behind the leading edge of drapery and gives your draperies a amazingly custom appearance.
  • This durable commercial track/ rod is versitile and can be ceiling or wall mounted .

  • 32 carriers with 8ft rod/track.(4 brackets)

  • Easy operation. Carriers guide across track with ease. Baton included with rod.

  • This rod is available in 8ft lengths

  • Complete with mounting brackets and hardware.

  • The track includes : slides, overlap, baton, brackets and hardware for mounting. Track may be wall or ceiling mounted.

  • A one way cordless traverse rod track is great for patio and French doors where you need a one way draw application.

  • Track is 1" high and 3/4" in depth. It will easily blend into your decor.

Splice together for long lengths

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Installing the Cordless Rod

Please view installation instructions

If you need a longer length, you can connect two rods together. Order Draw Drapery Track Splice Here