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Baton Draw Super Heavy Duty Cordless Window Curtain Rod Track- Inside and Ceiling Mount

Cordless Draw Curtain RodsCommercial cordless and decorative pull traverse rods.

These drapery rods are available in two-way split draw, one way left or right pull.

Cordless drapery tracks are great rods for a child's room or in any application where you do not want a cord. Baton draw traverse rods comes complete with all mounting hardware.

Splices are available for 12ft and 16 ft curtain rods.

Aria Single H-Rail  with Low Profile Ceiling Mount
Regular price: $250.00
Sale price: $210.00

These are cordless heavy duty track available in one way draw left, one way draw right and split draw .

  • This high quality commercial grade aluminum track comes with durable micro ball bearing carriers. The carries run along the bottom of the track allowing for smooth drapery movement.

  • This window curtain rods comes with no cord for improved child safety, it is a baton draw curtain rod. This is a great traverse rod if you need your draperies to move in one direction and do not like the hassle of cords or if you need the draperies to open in two directions with no cord.

  • The cordless window curtain rods are available in 4' and 8'. Tracks can be spliced together(see splice below) for longer lengths. If you need a 16ft rod, no problem, order two 8' tracks with a splice (splice sold separately). You can cut this super heavy duty track with a hacksaw if you need smaller lengths.

  • It can be ceiling mounted as an inside mount application.

  • This super heavy duty commercial grade rod/track will support your heavy weight draperies ( up to 2lbs per linear foot).

  • Super heavy duty window curtain rods are used to support custom lined draperies.