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Flat Rustic Hand | Baton Draw Wood Traverse Rods with Metal Track 36"- 180"

Rustic Flat  Traverse Rod Set Hand|Baton Draw 36"- 180 inchesThis is a amazing brawny flat decorative wood traverse rod . It is a brilliantly designed modern curtain rod with a wood fascia and a extra heavy duty traverse rod hidden behind the wood fascia. This is a hand drawn curtain rod with optional baton and finials.

A great drapery rod for sliding glass doors and french doors , when needing a one way or split draw application.

Ceiling or wall mount application available.

This is also a wonderful rod to use when needing an extra long length.

The rod will support 4 pounds per linear foot. A great benefit when you have heavy drapery with blackout lining.

This picture is show with optional finials.

This custom rod consist of a 1 X 1 3/8" inch thick wood with an extra heavy duty bronze metal track, hidden behind the wood. The track will support up to 4 Lbs per foot of rod.

The beautiful modern curtain rod has a simple rustic elegant appearance.

It's available in 5 rich wood tones with a choice of end caps or flat finials to match the shape of the rod.

If you are looking for a non traditional traverse rod , a long width, a super sturdy rod, and a modern curtain rod, this is the best choice.