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Bendable Curtain Rods| Flexible Rod for Bay and Bow Windows

Flexible Traverse Rods

What Is A Flexible Bendable Curtain Rod?

  • If you have drapes and want to hang them in a curved bay or bow window, you will want to consider a flexible bendable curtain rod. Bay window are simply beautiful windows and are often the focus of a room.

    Getting a rod to bend into the curve of the window is the best option to really enhance the unique curvature of the window.

  • These rods are designed to bend and fit into a bay window or any application where you will need a bendable curtain rod to support your drapes.

  • The rods are great flexible traverse curtain hardware for supporting draperies. It is a traverse curtain rod that will bend to the shape of your curved window. This bendable curtain rod is an economical alternative to getting a custom made curtain rod for a curved window such as a bay or bow window.

  • The Graber Flexible rod is a center draw corded traversing rod allowing your drapes to open from the center and stack on the left and right sides.

  • The Multi-purpose rod is a cordless curtain rod that can be used for a one-way left or one way right and a split center draw application.

  • All hardware is included. Both of the bendable rods can be cut with a hack saw to the exact size needed.

  • Both bendable curtain rods are easy to bend and will support draperies in a bay windows.