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How To Hang Pinch Pleated Drapery

How To Hang Pinch Pleated DraperyPinch Pleated draperies are attractive and will make you window look absolutely stunning , but they must be hung correctly to show the true beauty of the drape. We have included four steps that are the most efficient way to hang pinch pleated draperies.

Step 1 Starting from the top of your drapery panel, place and insert a drapery pin--1 1/2 inches down on the back side of each pleat. It is important that you measure the same distance on each pleat so that your draperies will look nice and even once that are hanging.

Step 2. Begin hanging your pinch pleated draperies at the master slide carrier on your traverse rod. This master slide carrier is usually the large carrier on the right side, as your facing the drapery. The first drapery hook will be inserted behind the arm of the master carrier (see illustration).

Step 3. Continue placing a hook in each slide on your traverse rod. If there are extra carrier slides, push them to the end of the traverse rod and remove.

The carriers slides are easily removed by pulling the end gate on the traverse rod down and slipping them out, or pushing a lever in to extract the extra carrier slides(depending on the kind of traverse). Don't forget to push the end gate up to close.

Step 4. Pin the last pleat on your draperies to the pulley housing on the traverse rod. Pin the last hook on your pinch pleated draperies to the bracket hole on the side of the traverse rod .