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Installing A Commercial Hand Draw Traverse Drapery Rod

Installing A Cordless Baton Draw Traverse Drapery Rod

How to Install the Cordless Baton Draw Traverse Rod

Wall Mounted Traverse Rod

1. Install support traverse rod brackets evenly across the wall the width of the rod into wall studs. If it is not possible to screw into a stude use wall anchors.

2. Adjust the brackets to the desired projection. To adjust the brackets to the projection, loosen the rear screw of bracket clip to allow clip to slide forward or backward. Tighten the bracket clip at the desired position. Make sure the brackets are all at the same projection.

3.Now you are ready to attach the traverse rod to the bracket. (Please note you will need two people to install rods over 8 feet.) Insert the front of the bracket clip under the top front lip of traverse rod. Rotate the cam locks clockwise and tighten over the back edge of the track to secure . Secure with a screwdriver. Attach baton to overlap and underlap

Ceiling Mounted Traverse Rod

1. Unscrew the ceiling mount clip from the wall bracket.

2. Space the mounting clips evenly along the ceiling.

3. Attach the rod to the clips by inserting front of the bracket clip under the top front lip of the rod/track. Rotate the cam lock clockwise and tighten over the back edge of the rod. Secure using a screwdriver.

Extending the Rod with A Splice

When splicing two rods toghether, splice should be placed in the center of the two rods. We recommend splicing the rod together before mounting it.

1. Lay the rod and splice out on a flat surface face up.

2. Loosen the four screws on the splice.

3. Insert one rod on the left and one rod on the right under the metal plate of the splice.

4. Tighten the screw with a screwdriver.

The baton draw traverse rod comes with the following:

8 ft rod-----4 mounting brackets, 32 carrier slides

4 ft rod-----2 mounting brackets, 16 carrier slides

2 batons for each two way/split draw rod

1 baton for each 1 way draw rod

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