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One-way Traverse Rods For Sliding Glass Doors- Designer Metal Rods- Aria Drapery Rods- Cordless Baton Rods

One Way Draw Traverse RodsView our selection of quality one way pull traverse rods. All of these rods are available in a one-way left or right draw.

When decorating a sliding glass door or a french door, one way rods are a great option allowing your draperies and curtains to slide completely to the left or right side of the window or door .

One-way decorative drapery rods for sliding glass doors can be beautiful and practical.

Traditional white one way drapery rods are also a wise choice for a sliding glass door, french door ,or any application where you need your draperies to stack on the left or right side.

Where & Why Should I Use A One Way Traverse Drapery Rod To Support My Draperies?

  • The rods are precisely designed for doors that slide or open to one side. Doors that open to one side are attractive, practical and functional, requiring one panel of drapery.

  • Finding curtain rods for sliding glass doors in reality do not have to be difficult, because quality super heavy duty one-way left pull and a one way right pull traverse rod are available.

  • The one way draw drapery rods are super heavy duty traverse rods, supporting 1 pound per foot of pleated drapery. All the one way draw rods can be mounted on the wall or ceiling.

  • One way draw traverse drapery rods are great curtain rods for sliding glass doors , french doors, or any application where you need the draperies to move in one direction

  • One way traverse rods are ideal curtain rods for sliding glass doors or French doors. Often it is a challenge to find just the right rod to fit the width of your doors. The one way pull rods are specifically, one way draw drapery rods for pleated drapery with sliding glass doors.