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How To Re-String A Traverse Rod, Traverse Curtain Rod Repair, Five Steps to Re-string A Traverse Rod Cord, Replacement Traverse Rod Cord Kit, Fix traverse rod

How To Quickly Fix A Traverse Rod Cord

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Re-stringing a traverse rod is not difficult if you follow the 5 steps.

  • Step 1. When restringing a traverse rod you must first determine how much new cord you will need to replace the old cord on the traverse rod.

  • a. Measure the distance from the top of the rod to the floor.

  • b. Take those two measurements (distance from top of rod and distance to the floor)and add them together.)

  • c.Double that total and then add 6 additional inches to that total.

  • d. This is the total amount of cord that you will need to restring your traverse rod.

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  • Step 2. Place the traverse rod face down on the floor or table.

  • Step 3. Push cord over the top left pulley.

  • Step 4.Feed the through left side of master carrier and tie a knot to secure the cord.

  • Step 5. Feed the opposite end of the cord between the two pulleys on the left.

  • a. Keep the cord in the curtain rod going under the master carrier .
  • b. Pull the cord between two pulleys on the right and loop around top pulley.

  • c. Keep the cord inside the rod, feeding the cord under the master carrier on the right.

  • d. Feed the cord through next master carrier and make a knot to secure.

  • Re-attach the rod to the brackets and center the master carrier. That's it, you now have a new cord in your traverse curtain rod
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