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Select Custom Premium Heavy Duty Traverse Rod

Why A Custom Premium Drapery Track?

Sturdy and of High Quality

Custom Premium rods feature heavy duty tracks with wheeled carriers and metal masters. The benefit of the wheeled carriers and metal master carriers is a smooth movement along the track with the capacity to handle todays heavy drapery treatments made with blackout lining and interlining. This select custom premium set is a sturdy, compact metal constructed track that is 1 1/4" in height and 15/16" in depth

Option To Order With The Functions You Need In Drapery Hardware

Custom rods are versatile . This custom quality metal traverse rods can be ordered as a single or double drapery rod. If you are looking for a sturdy double rod to handle sheers and drapery, please view our collection because . We offer the option of cord on the left or right side or cordless.

To manage opening and closing your window treatments, it is a good idea to determine how often the curtains or drapes will be opened and who in particular will man opening curtains or draperies.

If there are small children in the home, this should be considered when purchasing drapery hardware. Cordless rods are always best if you have small children.

Support Durable Window Treatments with A Durable Rod

It is wise and practical to support draperies with durable rods. Custom curtains and drapery usually will last for many years if they are taken care of properly and if they are supported by the correct drapery hardware.

Our custom premium traverse drapery rod is a great option for supporting your window treatments. This rod will allow you to precisely man opening curtains in the home because you have the many options .

Please view our select and choose the right options to allow you to man opening curtains correctly in you home.