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Select Wood Poles

Select Wood Poles

This is a brilliant collection of beautiful Wood Drapery Poles are available in 8 gorgeous finishes.

These designer finishes are Mahogany, Bronze, Vintage Gold, Black, Walnut, Black Walnut , Mocha .

If you need to match a specific color to the finish of the drapery pole, an unfinished pole and accessories are an option. The unfinished wood can be painted or stain to match any furnishings in your decor.

The beauty of a 3 inch wood rod is like fine furniture , "it's really second to none". The Select Wood Poles are an elegantly designed wood drapery rod.

The Poles are available in a smooth finish or a reeded grooved finishes.

The drapery poles are available in 4in 6in and 8in lengths. A connector screw is available to achieve longer pole length.

A wide selection of intricately shaped finials are available to please the most discriminating taste.