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1 1/2" Traditional Brass Finish Decorative Traverse Rod

Tradition Traverse Rod

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This traditional traverse rod will enhance your elegant draperies panels. This is a beautiful traditional bright brass finish traverse rod.

This beautiful classical rod is a great choice because it never seems to go out of style. It looks great and will embellishes any decor.

It's a simple decorative traverse rod that is not overly fancy and economically priced. Definitely a best buy.

What Are The Features Of This Rod?

  • The diameter of the rod is 1 1/2"..
  • Bright brass finish..nice brass look
  • Available in 4 size groups...
  • Comes as a complete set. Brackets, resin finial, rings and hardware included...
  • Easy installation
  • Available in bright brass only.
  • Projects 2 1/2"- 4 1/2" from the wall.
  • Clearance is 2 1/2"- 3 1/2" behind the rod
  • Split- two way draw with cord standard on the right side

How Many Brackets And Rings Are Included?

  • 28-48"--- 2 end brackets, no center support is needed 12 rings
  • 48-84"--- 2 end brackets 1 center support, 20 rings

  • 84-156"---3 end bracket 2 center supports, 32 rings