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A Guide to buying Curtain Rods

There are many styles and types of curtain and drapery rods to choose from. Here we will briefly explain the different styles and types of curtain rods.

Traditional Lockseam Curtain Rods

Lockseam curtain rods are a tradition basic curtain rod. The lockseam curtain rod is most often used when you have rod pocket curtains. tradition white lock-seam curtain rod

This rod accentuates the curtain the rod is there for the function of supporting the curtain. The curtain is scrunched or shirred onto the rod which creates a nice scruncie effect across the head of the curtain. The curtains need to be realitivily light weight.

This type of rod is tipically not used for draperies that will open and closed. However, if the pocket of the curtain is large enough it can be gentallly moved to open and closed.

Traverse Drapery Rods

Traverse Drapery Rods are used when you want your draperies to open and close or traverse along the rod by pulling a cord.

tradition white lock-seam curtain rod Traditional traverse rods are generally white with carriers that run along the bottom or rear of the rod move the draperies along the rod.

This type of rod is used under a valance, or it can be use without a valance if you prefer a white non decorative rod. It is quite acceptable to use it without a valance. The rod is not visable when the drapaeries are in a close position. This rod is available in single and double combination. When place on a white or off-white wall, this type of rod is not really noticeable.

Combination Traverse drapery Rods

Combination Traverse Rods are traditional traverse rods that has multiple functions. These rods are used if you are using layered window treatments, such as sheers and draperies or valance and drapes. combination duel purpose drapery rods

The combination rods are available with the lock-seam rod as the front rod and the traverse rod in the rear. It is also available with the traverse in the front with the lock-seam as the rear rod.

Cafe Curtain Rods

café curtain rods

Café Rods are decorative curtain rods. This type of curtain rod is versatile in that you may use them with rings or without rings.

Curtains may be shirred on to the rod or you can use this type of rod with pleated draperies. This type of rod is made in many finishes and intricately designed finials.

Decorative traverse Rods


Decorative rods are available in polished brass finishes, brushed nickel finishes and a wide array of metal finishes. Decorative rods are also available in beautiful rich wood finishes such as mahogany ,oak, and walnut.

This type of rod is avail with a cord or without a cord to be used hand drawn window treatment applications. This type of rod can be used with tradition pleated draperies.